2019 Season – Lot more on your way…

As we are in a new year, like last year we are committed not just towards Game but towards our players too.This season is by far going to be an interesting and busy year for all of us as we will be packed with many more games than last year.

Once again, we will be participating in DIVISION – 3 League games with more than 12 competitive games(H&A). We are no less in playing more than 25 Friendly games with the teams coming from different parts of the France.Adding to that, we will have prestigious games (away and home) against long time rival STANDARD’s and PRESIDENT XI. We are not taking break here, we are back in long format game – Coupe de France (40 overs), YES, we are participating in the most challenging format of the game against some top teams across the France.We will be playing against FRANCE U-19 team who is going to play EUROPE Division-1 WORLD CUP QUALIFIERS game at Holland. Last but not least, we have offshore teams coming from different countries like Australia and England to play at Club and have equal opportunity to play games at Brussels and UK.

While considering Men’s Cricket, Club also ensures enough games for the Ladies and Kids team. Ladies Cricket team has already kicked off season by convicingly winning the tournament held on 18th and 19th January,2019 at Croissy. There will be many more games and will be broadcast on the site. For kids, Club members are putting enough efforts in developing skills by conducting indoor and outdoor practice sessions. There will be competitive games in upcoming summer where thoiry kids will represent the club.

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